Il revient, Albacore

Back when I was a kid, there used to be a Anime that I loved to watch called “Albatore, le capitaine corsaire”. I honestly don’t recall the story. I just remember that guy had an awesome sword, and that I kept pronouncing his name ‘Albacore’ instead of ‘Albatore’.


Le voilà, Albator,
Le capitaine corsaire
Il revient, Albator,
Pour les enfants de la terre

How is that relevant?

Well, in the past few months, I’ve been using Rake, a pretty awesome Make-like utility for ruby. Some genius managed to extend it so it could work with .NET Systems. The name of his extension…..Albacore 😀

The project is quite well documented. Some of the useful tasks I’ve been using are the nunit, msbuild, and fluentmigrator tasks. I also use my “ready to checkin” task that ensure my code compiles and doesn’t break anything before I push. Here’s one of the rakefile I use for one of my open source projects.

Hopefully this helps somebody out there 🙂

En avant, Albacore ….

Il revient, Albacore

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