Back in January at my current job, we had started to use Pivotal Tracker, a project management tool for Agile Teams. In order to better adapt it to the way we work, as an XP (Extreme Programming) shop, we developed the Pivotal Task Manager, which was the subject of one of my last post.

To build our extension, we relied on Pivotal’s Rest API, which I had wrapped around our own library. Because of another project I’m involved in with a buddy of mine that expands on our previous work, and suspecting that other developers might find such a library useful, we’ve refactored our original library off of the previous baseline and into its own project called: PivotalTracker.NET

As previously stated, PivotalTracker.NET is wrapper of the Rest API V3 of Pivotal labs. It is presently made of 4 services:
AuthenticationService: it is used for authentication into pivotal and to retrieve the API key
MembershipService: it is used to retrieve the Members of a particular project
StoryService: it is used for all Stories and Tasks related operations
ProjectService: it is used to retrieve Projects and related information

The library is simple and easy to use. For example, say I wanted to retrieve all of the stories in the current iteration. First, I would need to get my authentication token.

There’s a lot more things you can do, such as creating/updating/deleting a story or a task, re-ordering a task, commenting on a story, etc…

Further sample usages can be found by looking at our test cases in our repository. The wiki should soon have better documentation to help potential users of the library.

PivotalTracker.Net is currently available of here on NuGet if you want to try it out.

There currently is a list of tasks being worked on as per our own needs on our Github repository. Feel free to request any feature you’d like to see implemented. You are also welcome to contribute.

This library does not support Silverlight at the moment. If there are people out there interested in seeing it for work for it, then I’d be happy to make it happen.

Happy coding!


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