Uploading a file and getting back its URL with AWS

I was playing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the weekend, trying out a few things including Amazon S3 for file storage. Unfortunately I could not find a quick and easy way to upload an image and retrieve its URL in single call in the AWS SDK…so I got creative

With the AmazonS3 interface from the AWS SDK, you have to make separate calls to put your object in their server and to retrieve it. To encapsulate this I wrote an extension class that performs those 2 operations.

public static class AwsExtensions
public static string Upload(this AmazonS3 client,UploadImageRequest request)
var uploadRequest = new PutObjectRequest { InputStream = request.Image };
var response = client.PutObject(uploadRequest);
return GetUrl(client, request);
public static string GetUrl(this AmazonS3 client, UploadImageRequest request)
var urlRequest = new GetPreSignedUrlRequest()
return client.GetPreSignedURL(urlRequest);

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Et voila! Ni vu, ni connu

Uploading a file and getting back its URL with AWS

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