From Wordpress to Octopress…and Back

About a year and half ago, I moved my blog from WordPress to Octopress. It was very fun in the early days. I enjoyed using ruby, markdown and the command line to blog. It felt like the right thing to do as a Software Engineer to be blogging about Tech using a blogging engine for geeks…or so I thought.

Here are my main reasons for switching back.

  1. As I primarily code against the .Net ecosystem, I use a Windows machine most of the time. Because I could not find a good way to make Octopress work on Windows, I often found myself writing my code on my windows box and moving it over to my Macbook pro or my Ubuntu VM just to blog.
  2. With WordPress I could blog from anywhere, anytime, even from my mobile phone. With Octopress, I can only blog from my Ubuntu VM or my Macbook Pro.
  3. Octopress is a do-it-yourself blog engine,  which is awesome as it presents a lot more learning opportunities….when you got time for it (which I no longer have as much as I used to)

goodby octopress
As a result, I haven’t blogged as much as I could have this past year. This is not to say that Octopress is not a good a Blogging Engine to use. I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun blogging geek-style. Unfortunately, I now have to use my time as efficiently as possible, and Octopress does not allow me to do that at the moment.

I now join the likes of Kevin Dangoor and Michael Rooney, who also moved back to WordPress after switching to Octopress.

Goodbye Octopress. It was fun while it lasted.


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